Revise your inner spaces with our Glass, Metal and Aluminium designs

Gypsum is also known as Plasterboard, used to create smooth interior walls and ceilings.

Benefit of Gypsum: Ease of installation, Fire resistance, provide flexibility for paint and other surface coating

Our Gypsum work offers construction of partition walls and ceilings, it helps to reduce sound insulation and noise transmission in buildings

Gypsum can be molded into any designs and shapes, easy to cut, suitable for decorative interior finishes and other architectural needs

MDF work (Medium Density Fiberboard)

MDF wood fiber is used in Furniture, cabinetry, shelves, wall panels, doors and other interior work in replace of common wood. MDF is easier to cut, carve and shape compared to natural wood. MDF look beautiful in Kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, it can be painted or laminated. MDF is affordable and cost effective as compared to solid and plywood. It is made from fine wood fiber, heavier than wood, it cannot hold screws, not easy to repeatedly adjusted after removal