Kid’s friendly room ideas

We can have multiple options to glorify spaces for children use. Kid’s room must be charming and it can be contained a various color combination. Design small room according to your babies comfort.

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Children Room Decoration

Avoid placing heavy furniture and always place plastic furniture or light wooden accessories which should not have sharp edges and feasible to carry or move like ottomans. Flooring should be easy to clean so you can use epoxy flooring or SPC flooring. Carpet and rugs is not a good idea for child room. Toddler can mess up your floor surface if you are laying the carpets or rugs that’s why we suggest non carpet flooring which is comfort for child to crawl. But in some exceptional cases you would go for using carpets if your child fall on the ground thick layer of carpet can save him from injury.

Place learning material, toys, catchy things for kid’s attraction which he can feel pleasant surrounding around him/her. Small study table with small chairs next to it, beautiful Kids collage picture hanging on the wall, beautiful scenery of nature, display art or decorative items to attract child over it, display scientific elements which can make your child more creative as they can discover ideas for developing new things in mind.

Allow your child engage with extracurricular activities like grow plants, painting, provide gaming environment by purchasing play station, foldable sliding for playing.

Most of parents set a divider room suitable for their children to look after activity of their kids. Some people design a room like garden by placing greenery, plants, grass, birds in a cage, small swings that can be easily adjust in a room likely made of wood or plastic.

Children have different attachment with animals so you can keep pets in your house like Dog and cat or can have artificial animals such as toys like rocking horse, teddy bear. Again you should be look after for not let your child or pet mess up room. Install aquarium in which colorful fishes look very much beautiful.

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Kids Friendly room Ideas

Fix or place small whiteboard, chalk board or magnetic boards to write down with pencil or non-permanent marker which can be easy to erase so that he or she can engage in interesting and fun activities as they like to do, consider using washable paint for easy cleanup if they use crayon or pencil in it. Fix book shelf to place interesting digest, books readable material with visual elements for kids, small camp made of textile or wood.

You can adopt an idea of constructing upper or lower portion for a big child so that they have some extra space to adjust. Use upper bed with slides so they can feel comfort to stairs down. Try to use comfortable fabric when selecting furniture, carpets, rugs or bed sheets.

Crafting small wardrobe for children clothing, small wooden or plastic shoe rags, chess style flooring, colorful ceiling, and colorful pillow or cushions, creative wall of alphabets or letter decoration, framed inspirational quotes.

Keep storage options such as shelves, cabinets to store toys, books and ensure they can independently access their belongings

Get your child a habit of using dustbin or baskets to through garbage

Try to use lighting which not bothering for their eyes, use flexible moving door or it can be good if you install automatic sliding doors to enter or go out of the room, automatic sensor lighting when someone enter into the empty room, low lighting use of mirror as it can reflect more light

Gender based Designing

Choose Themes for boys room which can include superheroes, dinosaurs, cars, sports activities like football, cricket You can put upper or lower beds with ladder as they can be upstairs or down stairs easily while girls could not be not feeling comfortable for continuously ups and down as they are not so much physically strong Choose dark colors when design a baby girls room like pink, install featured wall papers like Barbie dolls, teddy bear, cartoon characters such as fairy tales, Cinderella. Use bedding sets with feminine patterns, small vanity with makeup for dressup